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FCP:Flextensional Cylinder Transducer

FCP(Flextional Cylinder Transducer) has fundamental resonance frequency at 136Hz and is most suitable for underwater long range applications where high acoustic power is required at low frequency. The polyurethane body and Stainless steel cover makes its best to be used in sea water for long period of time.

Main Feature

Low Frequency Acoustic Source

Horizontally omni-directional

Longer Range

Can be used as projector at depths of 10m or greater to ensure a sufficient amount of pressure is placed on the transducer due to the flextensional motion

Reliable, robust, high performance, low frequency transducers


High power low frequency acoustic source

Ranging Applications

Sound Navigation

Calibration Standard

Technical Specification
Resonant frequency fundamental resonance  @ 136Hz
Integral Amplifier or Tuning Element No
Receive Sensitivity @ 136Hz -155 dB re 1V/μPa
Maximum acoustic input @ 136Hz + 186 dB re 1μPa
Transmit Voltage Response@ 136Hz +121 dB re 1μPa/V at 1m
-3dB bandwidth 1000Hz
Recommended transmit frequency range 130 – 1.0kHz, 3~10.0kHz
Maximum source level @ 136Hz +181. dB re 1μPa at 1m
Maximum applied voltage 2,000 Vrms
Horizontal beam pattern Omni-directional +/- 1dB @ Hz
Mechanical Specification
Dimensions Outer diameter: 122.8mm, Height: 237.5mm
Minimum operating depth 100m
Recommended operating depth 50m
Operating temperature range -20 to +70°C
Cable 50m standard. Optional extension is available
Connector Bare ends
Mechanical Drawing

Transmitting Voltage Response of Low Frequency Area

Transmitting Voltage Response of Middle Frequency Area

Transmitting Voltage Response of Middle Frequency Area