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Curriculum Vitae

1.      General Information








Date of Birth


 (29th November 1985)



Professional Status

Director of R & D

Hyemin Corp.

연구소 소장

기업 부설 연구소 (차장)

Mailing Address

Hyemin Corp. ,SK TechnoPark N-1005, Sungsandong 77-1
Sungsangu, Changwon, Kyoungnam, South Korea







Language Proficiency


Advanced level Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Skills


Basic Understanding level Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Skills


Mother tongue

2.      Academic Background







Doctor of Philosophy

Sept 2016 – Expected Graduation in 2018

S. Korea

Changwon National University


4.5 out of 4.5

Started Doctorate course in Konkuk University, later shifter to Changwon National University in 2016.

Working on implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem for mobile environment.

Recipient of Scholarship from Korean Government Scholarship Program (NIED), an organization of South Korean Government, for Doctoral Course studies.

Master of Technology

September, 2008

– August, 2010

S. Korea

Konkuk University


4.5 of 4.5

Master of Technology in Embedded Electronic Systems

Gained Full credits in all the Subjects

Recipient of Scholarship from Institute of Information Technology Advancement (IITA), an organization of South Korean Government, for Master's Course studies.

Bachelor of Engineering

July, 2005 –

June, 2008


Nagpur University


74.26 out of 100

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics Engineering

Distinction in 'C' and Data Structure, Digital Circuits, Signals and Systems, Power Electronics, Control System Engineering and Electronic System Design.


July, 2002

 – June, 2005


Government Polytechnic (Autonomous Institute), Nagpur, Maharashtra

Electronics and Telecommunication

86.4 out of 100

Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Distinction in all Subjects.

Department and College topper.

Recipient of Best Student Award.

3.      Skills


  Programming Languages (Expert): VHDL / Verilog HDL, C, MATLAB programming language

  Simulators (Expert): NCLaunch, ModelSim VHDL/Verilog simulators

  Synthesis tools (Expert): Synopsys Design Compiler, Design Analyzer, Design Vision, Quartus, Xilinx Implementation Tools, Synplicity,

  Foundry Tools (Intermediate): Synopsys ASTRO, IC-COMPILER, Samsung's Foundry tools Cubicware, Primetime

4.      Publications


1.      Harsh Durga Tiwari, Honey Durga Tiwari, Yong Beom Cho, "Reduced complexity high throughput LDPC encoder", SoC Conference, Incheon, May, 2010

2.      Harsh Durga Tiwari, Honey Durga Tiwari, Yong Beom Cho, "Integer scaled two dimensional DCT based OFDM", SoC Conference, Incheon, May, 2010

3.      Harsh Durga Tiwari, "Challenges in Manufacturing of 45nm Technology & ULSI Designing", IEEE Technovision-07 National Level Technical Symposium, 2007.

5.      Industrial Experience



Job Title


Hyemin Corp. Ltd


S. Korea

Dec 2014 ~ Jun 2015

Research Engineer (Part time)

Development of algorithm and  Hardware FPGA codes for ultrasound system

Jul 2015 ~ Dec 2015

Senior Research Engineer

Implementation and development of FPGA based system for ultrasound system

Jan 2016 ~ Till date

Director of Research and Development

Complete implementation of medical ultrasound scanner

ADC – FPGA system development for data accusation system

FPGA system development for hardware- software algorithm implementation

6.      Research Experience

Doctorate Period

VLSI Lab, Konkuk University

ASIC/FPGA Design/Verification


Implementation of Elliptical curve cryptosystem for mobile environment.

Parallel processing implementation methods, especially for the mobile platform for Multiview Video Coding.

Efficient implantation for different algorithm on ARM CortexA9 and newer architectures.

Design of wireless power transmitter/ receiver communication and control circuit.

MMSE/LSE equalizer design for 2-D DCT based OFDM.

Hardware software co-design for 3D coding.

Master's Period

VLSI Lab, Konkuk University

ASIC/FPGA Design/Verification


Design of hardware accelerator for fast trigonometric computation using ancient Indian Mathematics.

Developed two-dimensional discrete cosine transform (DCT) based orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM).

Designed MATLAB-SIMULINK model for 2-D DCT based OFDM.

Power Measurement of software codes using Labview (Signal Express)

Implementation of MPW chip consisting of GPS Correlator, LDPC encoder, 8051 micro-controller core on 0.18µm and 0.9µM technology.

Stereoscopic passenger counter

Design of MSE equalizer for two dimensional discrete cosine transform based orthogonal frequency division multiplexing

Fast multiplier based on Vedic Mathematics


Electronics Dept. Nagpur University



Application of Low Density Parity Check Codes To Digital Communication Systems-Final Year Project of Engineering.

Virtual reality-Simulating leg movement of Human being in two directions: Mini project for the subject: Digital system design (VHDL based).

PLC Based automation system for rail gate opener & elevator: Mini project for the subject Adv. microprocessor & controllers.

Virtual reality-Simulating leg movement of Human being in two direction: Pre-final project (microcontroller 8051 based).


Electronics Dept. GP Nagpur



Electronic voting Machine: Final year project of Polytechnic.

Invisible Intruder Alarm: mini-project for polytechnic.

7.      Experience summary


Designed and verified various SoC design using iProve and various embedded development board.

Front-end and back end design flow for LDPC encoder digital IC design.

Worked on stereo-vision based passenger counter system.

Went to South Africa for teaching one week Embedded Course organized by South Korean and South African Government (2010).

Worked as International Student Advisor for the Summer Embedded Training Program hold for the South African students from June to August organized by South Korean government and South African government (2011).

Worked for front-end and back-end work flow in three VLSI chip designs. Work included complete chip implementation and IC testing (2012).

Worked as hardware designer and chip designer in various industrial (Passenger Counter and SoC digital design verification) and academic (Two-dimensional DCT based OFDM and LDPC encoder design) projects (2013).

Have always been amongst top three students of class in every level of education.

Holding the post of representative of India in the Ambassador office of Konkuk University form 2010 December till 2013.

8.      Awards and Honors


Awarded full scholarship and stipend for Masters and Doctors course for excellent performance.

Best paper award for "Reduced Complexity high throughput LDPC encoder" presented in SoC conference, Seoul, South Korea, 2010.

Recipient of two Gold medals and Best Student Award for scoring highest marks in Diploma of Electronics and Telecommunication engineering.

9.      Certifications


Arm Compiler and Debugger (IDEC), 2008

MPW Backend Design (ITSoC), 2009

MPW Design Tool – Astro (ITSoC), 2009

High Speed Digital Communication and Network System (IEEK), 2010

Automotive sensor technology workshop, 2010

10.  Memberships


Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea