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Sonar Low Noise Amplifier

Main Feature

Switchable gain up to 100 dB (x 100,000)

Bandwidth DC to 100 kHz

DC-drift 0.6 µV/°C

Input noise down to 0.4 nV/√Hz

Switchable AC/DC-coupling

Local and remote control

Input impedance up to 1 TΩ

Can be easily Cascaded to increase the total gain



ATF(Acoustic Test Facilities)

Ultrasound Thickness Gauge Receiver

NDT Receiver


Input DC voltage: 3.3V ~ 20V

Input Supply Current: Up to 1 A

Output Voltage swing: 28VPP.

Input Signal Frequency: DC to 20KHz

Single / Bipolar End

Output Resistance 50Ω

Gain: 40/60/80/100/1000 dB

Input Noise Voltage: 0.4/.7/2.4 nV/√Hz